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24 November 2005

Comments Stopped

For quite sometime have been receiving a lot of comment-spam here. So had to close this now.


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18 November 2005

Measure Your Mouse Run

For those who wanna check how far your computer mouse travels in a week, a month or a year, this freeware utility will do the job. Mouse Off-Road is a little program that tracks your mouse movements, measuring the distance as it goes and displaying the results in an unobtrusive panel that sits in the System Tray (next to the clock). Simply hover the mouse pointer over the icon for an instant readout. Mouse Off-Road can be set to show distance in metric or imperial units and it works in all versions of Windows.

The current hangout

Flickr has been lately my current hangout. Some of the photos are really wonderful. You get to see the snaps from alot many people from alot many places. It never had been so easy to see far off places, people and amazing monuments.

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20 October 2005

Hows Apple does it?

This one wonders after seeing their latest product. Aperture, a product for professional photographer, is definitely fantastic. You can check out the demos here http://www.apple.com/aperture/quicktours/#

With a host useful features, the product also provides a good user-interface. Some of them are really innovative and are  bound to be replicated by others. A good UI is what that gives your product an unique edge.

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08 October 2005

IBM Adds 3D Player To Notes

 Information Week reports:

"Collaboration processes require rich content seamlessly integrated into the user's experience," Ken Bisconti, vice president of IBM workplace, portal and collaboration products, said in a statement. "3D collaboration is the next wave of interactive technology for knowledge workers."


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30 September 2005

IBM Middle East launches new messaging and collaboration platform at GITEX 2005

AMEinfo covers this launch...

Lotus Notes and Domino 7, a key component of the IBM(R) Workplace™ strategy, marks a major milestone in IBM's product roadmap for the Lotus product family. Customers have indicated that a critical factor when choosing a software platform is a reliable, long-term product plan that won't require additional software purchases or major migrations to upgrade.

IBM is helping customers plan their software purchases and deployments by delivering new versions of Lotus Notes and Domino every 12-18 months and making it simple for customers to upgrade to new versions. As a result, IBM's clear product roadmap and consistent delivery of new Lotus Notes and Domino technology has resulted in more than 90% of customers working on the most recent1 version of the product, which is an unprecedented rate of adoption in the software industry.



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25 September 2005


Stop it, dear heart, it’s been too tough already

Stop clinging to fluffy clouds, take one route steady

Stop dreaming the impossible, stop being a fool

Stop ignoring your conscience, stop breaking The Divine Rules

Stop hurting your soul, for intentions non-sincere

Stop accepting games, start reading the signs clear

Stop believing every promise, it’s time to see

Stop following every fake shine, every momentary glee

Hold it dear heart, you don’t deserve to be used

You deserve no pain, how many times have you been abused

Pray for the peace you seek, and refrain dear heart

End your deep ignorance, and a clean page start

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